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"Gurinder has changed my life immeasurably. I started going to him a little over a year ago, for unresolved childhood issues that had left me with emotional scars and physically ailments. It has been a long and often painful journey but what we have achieved together has been truly remarkable. I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin and so much of my chronic illness has disappeared. A really significant development is that my sugar levels have normalized, which was huge for me as I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic a few years back. To me, trust is a key element in therapeutic work and I can’t recommend him enough- he is professional, compassionate, non judgemental and a true master of his craft."


“I am 90 and wearing out with all the attending aches and pains that come with age. That was what Dr. Dayal had to rehabilitate. He LISTENED, he observed, he tested his approach was holistic. He cared, he dealt with my physical and emotional needs and my pain (not perfectly after all, I’m 90). I now savour life, not just live it. He taught me how to rethink my reactions to those infirmities to realize: 1) I can actually be the cause (cause it to happen) and 2) I can cause existing conditions to worsen.”

-Jean H.

“When I started seeing Dr. Dayal (about 3 years ago,) I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure as well as diabetes. With the help of Dr. Dayal, I’ve drastically improved my overall health. My diabetes is completely under control and I am no longer taking any medication for it and my blood pressure is now regular. Dr. Dayal has also used his counseling skills to help me through numerous emotional challenges in my life. He is easy to speak to and able to bring challenges and/or support to the conversation depending on what is needed. I have had tremendous emotional growth as a result of my visits. I am more honest with myself, and able to be truly authentic in my life. The combination of the naturopathic and counseling skills is really where I feel the power of my sessions with Dr. Dayal. The physical and emotional progress has complemented each other and resulted in a better life for me. If you feel that you are ready to change your life for the better, I’d recommend visiting Dr. Dayal and trying out his methods.”

-Sonny Thind Executive Coach

“I began seeing Dr. Dayal a few years ago, there was no particular reason as to why I began seeing him but I felt as if my life was just going through the motions and I didn’t have a purpose. During my sessions with him, I started to realize the depth to which certain situations and life experiences can impact the way in which you live your life. After my sessions, in my daily life, I started to notice subtle shifts in my behaviour and my behaviour towards other people. These shifts have dramatically altered my life and my relationships, there were certain behaviours that I didn’t even recognize were holding me back in my day to day life. It’s in these shifts where all the magic is and it truly is amazing to see how life responds when we become fully aware of our own behaviour. Dr. Dayal has played an important role in my life, he has helped me realize who I truly am and has provided me with the guidance to find that beautiful, genuine person who resides within all of us."

-Kal Thind

“I was referred to Dr. Dayal by my sister who talked to told me about some of her positive experiences she had after visiting him. Prior to visiting Dr. Dayal, I was experiencing high levels of stress, poor digestion and a chronic skin rash that never seemed to improve. Within the first few days of my initial visit I noticed far improved digestion and, as my visits continued, very noticeable improvements in my stress levels and the subsiding of the skin rash that has bugged me for years. His easy going and friendly nature always make it a pleasure to visit him! Thank you Dr. Dayal for everything you have helped me with!”

–John M.

When I asked the referring doctor about Dr. Dayal's approach, her response was, "He'll take whatever approach is needed for your problem." Dr. Dayal's ability to determine the right approach and the appropriate treatment was the most important first step for me. At my initial visit, I was unable to stand or sit for more than 10 minutes because of severe back and leg pain. I had just begun a mind-body treatment plan and Dr. Dayal was willing to incorporate that treatment and use it along with his own methods. Within weeks, I was on a new path of self-discovery, using the mind and heart to treat the body. Even after recovery, I have continued to see Dr. Dayal for his insightful exploration and his willingness to let me lead my self-inquiry. I always leave the office much lighter than when I arrived.”

- Mary Ellen B.

"I'm so happy to have finally found Dr.Dayal. After years of working with different doctors, I'm finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had never tried the different methods Dr. Dayal uses in therapy, and now after working with him, I'm sad I wasted so many years. In a short time I have never felt better (and happier!) inside than I have in a REALLY LONG time. From much experience, I also know that it doesn't just have to do with the type of therapy, but also the person doing it. Dr. Dayal is extremely experienced, knowledgeable and above all, makes you feel very comfortable and helps without judgement. Dr. Dayal is one of a kind and literally changed my life- I highly recommend him to anyone!"


“Eighteen months ago the health of my son was in a state sufficient to keep him out of school and unable to do many ordinary things. He had missed at least a third of the previous school year and half of the following. He was suffering from a condition called TMJ and the symptoms were debilitating, robbing him of sleep, concentration and causing him, at times, unbearable pain. Allopathic medicine offered no solutions and pain killers didn't address the depth nor the myriad of symptoms. Dr. Dayal liberated my son from pain and gave him his life back, working with him to remove each layer of symptom, some purely physical and others with emotional / psychological roots. He rarely suffers from TMJ symptoms anymore and continues to see Dr. Dayal regularly. He has successfully treated my son for TMJ but also for insomnia, depression, anxiety, food intolerances and acne to name but a few. Additionally, he's been able to treat my daughter for a bladder infection and parasites. Personally, I sought relief from chronic back pain that 8 chiropractic visits did not relieve. After one appointment with Dr. Dayal, I never experienced the pain again. Since then he's addressed my own food intolerances and I'm no longer limited with the foods I can eat. He's also helped me with sleep problems and been a substantial catalyst for greater physical and psychological well being. Dr. Dayal has a breadth of knowledge and considerable skills that enable him to unlock 'dis-ease.' His instincts are excellent, his sensitivity finely tuned and he demonstrates integrity in all that he does. My son has been so inspired by his treatment that he wishes to become a naturopath one day. I have recommended him to countless people and each has a similar story to tell.

- S. Marian

"Having worked in the field of counselling psychology for 30 years, I have experienced professionally and personally the importance of uprooting core issues that are affecting our health. Dr. Dayal's wide diversity of approaches combined with the integrity of his practice creates a very powerful, highly skilled and truely effective treatment. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Dayal for the restoration of physical and emotional health. He is a 10/10 !!"

- Beverley Pugh

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