Dr. Alexa Rauscher B.Sc., N.D.

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"Alexa has been instrumental in bringing optimal health to all of my family. Her intuition and knowledge has lead us to great improvements in our health and well being.

It started with my 8 year old daughter who had stomach issues for several years. We had taken her to the doctor for ultrasounds and blood tests and the doctor kept telling us there were no issues. Yet, she continued to have pain, fevers and throwing up on a regular basis and would miss school. We didn't think this was normal and so we found Alexa. Alexa was able to solve the issues with treatment and herbs and within a year, my daughter had no stomach pain.

All of us now see Alexa on a regular basis to deal with food related issues, hormonal and stress issues. We have all benefitted from her treatments and have nothing but great things to say about her. She is an excellent listener and ultimately is invested and cares about her patients health."

"Dr. Rauscher has been my Naturopath for a few years now and when I began seeing her, I was not well. I was exhausted all the time, severely constipated, my stomach hurt most all the time and I was eating a lot of sugar and drinking alcohol to cope.

My family Doctor just kept prescribing more prescription drugs as I suffer from a couple of illnesses and I was simply feeling worse with no hope in sight.

After a year with Alexa Rauscher I had stopped drinking and made some adjustments to my diet (such as gluten-free and less sugar) She also had me on some herbal medications to support the organs which assist with digestion. I have to say that over the years I have tried different Naturopaths and never got the results I was looking for after spending a fortune. I would highly recommend Dr. Alexa Rauscher as she truly cares about the well being of her patients. I have spoken to friends and co-workers about the success I have had with her and now they are patients of hers as well.

I will never stop seeing her as every time I go I learn about more ways to enhance my well-being. I have no reason to go anywhere else. She is caring, supportive, genuinely kind and honest. Who could ask for anything more."

"Dr. Rauscher has been our family's naturopath the past five years. Initially, we brought our young daughter who was born with a number of food allergy/sensitivity issues for treatment. In that first visit, Dr. Rauscher listened attentively to our concerns and observations of our daughter. She seemed knowledgeable about our presenting issues, and was able to answer the questions that we posed to her. She treated our daughter with a nice balance of enthusiasm and respect for her readiness to interact. By the end of the visit, our daughter who was normally very shy with strangers was willing to make eye contact and give a very shy smile. Both my partner and I have also become Dr. Rauscher's patients.

I like that Dr. Rauscher uses a holistic approach, including BIE, TCM, homeopathy and intuition, and recommends other resources and modalities if she thinks it will be "

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