Infrared Whole Body Thermography

European Thermography is a whole body screening system designed for men, women & children. It is NOT an imaging device, like a mammogram, MRI, ultra sound, or digital imaging thermography. European Thermography uses a temperature sensor to take temperature measurements at over 100 points on the body; gathering information about the functioning health of the nervous system and blood flow of your major organs, glands, lymph, sinuses and teeth.

The test is:

Whole body thermometry evaluates physiological health of:

The value of Regulation Thermography has recently been recognized in the U.S., as well as Germany, as published in the new book entitled Complementary Oncology by Dr. Josef Beuth of University of Cologne, Germany, an emeritus professor of internal medicine who has surveyed some 35 medical devices which claimed clinically verified results. The fuzzy logic dynamic thermography system was held as superior to other less accurate devices.

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